Why Riser Analysis Should Be Done By A Third Party

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[Posted on September 9th by Bill Stewart]

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It is important to use riser analysis so you can ensure to build a durable rig, regardless of what the ocean conditions are. No project is the same as the last and if you want to avoid catastrophe, you need to look at the worst case scenarios. Analysis should be done by a third party for a variety of reasons.


You may be surprised by how affordable it is to receive riser analysis from a third party. You pay for the analysis you need, which means you may not need to employ a team of analysts that only provide you with the occasional seakeeping analysis as you request it.

When you combine more than one type of analysis in your order, it can also end up saving you more money, allowing you to get the quality results so that you can make more effective decisions within the products that you purchase as well as the overall layout of the risers and additional gear for the offshore oil drilling project.

Quality Analysis

It’s important to remember that the ocean in motion is going to have a dramatic effect on risers. When you are conducting riser analysis, you need the most detailed information available. If you lack any of the advanced technology, you may find that your analysts and engineers are guessing and that’s never a good thing.

When you can find a third party that uses state-of-the-art software to provide you with reports, you know that you can rely on the information that is being given to you. Finding someone who has experience with the offshore drilling industry can also make a big difference because the recommendations will be better geared to help you avoid marine accidents that may have been seen in the past.

You have a lot of expensive equipment going into the ocean and if you don’t have quality analysis, it could all be lost – and that could be the end of your project. Good analysis goes a long way to preventing this.

Accurate Details

There have been instances in the past where people have covered up information because they didn’t want to get a certain department in trouble. When you are out on an oil rig, you need to have the most accurate riser analysis in front of you. There should be no doubt as to whether the information is correct.

If you are getting the details from a third party, there is no reason to question motives – though you cannot say the same for your own team of engineers and analysts.

Whenever you are getting ready to set up a rig, it’s best to contact a professional analysis company. You can go over what you need and receive their recommendations to avoid any complications during planning or while you are out on the rig.