Mooring Analysis

Stewart Technology Associates (STA) have designed and analyzed pier project moorings, spread moorings in shallow and deep (up to 3,000 m) water. We use OrcaFlex and other in-house tools for hydrodynamic analysis and dynamic mooring analysis.  We also specialize in SINGLE POINT MOORING analysis and design verification.  A quick first look at SPMs is made with STA SPM.


The video above shows an LNG Carrier and an FSRU at a pier mooring in Bangladesh, analysed and mooring system optimized in 2017/18.  This was a fully coupled mooring analysis with hydrodynamic coupling between the vessels.

Spread-Moored FPSO Squall Analysis

The above video shows snippets from two OrcaFlex simulations of squall analyses of a spread-moored FPSO in 75 meters water depth off Nigeria, West Africa.  The replays of the simulations are running at 100 x real time.  Noticeable surge motion of the system is seen at its natural surge period.  A 2.5 meter swell with peak period 12.1 seconds is running co-linear with the wind direction in each simulation.  A 0.9 m/s surface current (decaying with depth) is also co-linear with the swell.

Mooring Papers

Bil Stewart is principal and co-author of two OTC papers comparing offshore industry codes and standards for mooring systems: OTC-26035-Mooring of MRE Structures – Comparison of Codes, Including IEC, 2015, and OTC-27870 Mooring System Considerations for Renewable Energy Standards, 2017.

We have experienced consultants on staff and we utilize the latest in marine technology. This ensures that the job is done right. You cannot afford to make mistakes in the marine industry. This could result in loss of property as well as loss of life. Some of the largest marine organizations in the world have called upon us when they need consultation on marine issues. They know they can come to us for expert advice. We have earned a reputation over the last 20 years as being a top rated marine consultancy agency. If you need consultation on issues such as a mooring analysis, come to STA.

We Perform Mooring Analysis
One of the areas of expertise we have at STA is mooring analysis. Marine organizations that need assistance with installing mooring systems have sought out STA. We provide consultation for mooring analysis such as spread moored systems and single point moored systems, which includes turrets, CALMs, SALMs, towers, submerged buoys, and more. We also provide consultation for harbor and jetty moorings, which accommodate large ships, small ships, dolphin interactions and passing ship issues.

We Utilize Technology in Our Analyses
In order to perform our jobs correctly, we have the latest in marine technology at our fingertips. To do jobs such as a mooring analysis, we use Orcina’s OrcaFlex. This is one of the most powerful marine technology software available today. We have used it since we started in 1986. More than 170 organizations all over the world use OrcaFlex for design and analysis work. It is a comprehensive software solution that allows STA to perform a wide range of analyses.

We Have the Experience, Knowledge and Technology
We have earned the reputation as being one of the most trusted marine consultancy agencies in the world because we have the experience, knowledge and technology to do the jobs such as a mooring analysis. Our founder, Mr. W.P. (Bill) Stewart, P.E., has authored many articles and technical papers and is a member of Society of Naval Architects. Contact us today for more information regarding our many services.

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