Steel Catenary Risers

Despite the on-going oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the need for deep-water oil equipment such as steel catenary risers will not cease; however, this immense oil leak will surely open eyes across the oil industry as to the great importance of not only robust safety requirements, but also sound technologies, and if there is one company which has proven itself worthy in the area of providing sound technology expertise, it’s Stewart Technology Associates.

Companies in need of steel catenary risers technical analysis and design will need look no further than Stewart Technology Associates as this professional marine and offshore technology consultancy firm has decades of experience with providing a range of companies with high quality riser analysis and design services. Robust, accurate, and cost-effective analysis and design is what Stewart Technology Associates focuses on, and throughout the years, this firm has provided its clients with nothing less than high quality. This great success with riser service not only comes from the fact that Stewart Technology Associates contains the experience, skills, and dedication necessary to satisfy its customers’ requirements, but indeed, Stewart Technology Associates also employs the powerful Orcaflex software by Orcina which assists in consistently supplying clients with high quality analysis and design.

Aside from offering expert steel catenary risers design and analysis, Stewart Technology Associates is also able to provide companies with expert riser failure analysis. No matter the specific failure experienced or where it is experienced, Stewart Technology Associates has a considerable amount of experience with investigating and analyzing failures, as well as providing recommendations so that these failures will not occur again in the future. On top of the riser failure analysis service, Stewart Technology Associates is also able to provide expert witness marine testimony if litigation is an eventual outcome of the riser failure.

Companies and organizations large and small, public and private have relied on the expertise of Stewart Technology Associates since this professional marine and offshore technology consultancy firm’s inception in 1986. This Houston-based firm will continue to provide organizations with nothing less than the highest quality consultancy services, and aside from steel catenary risers service, Stewart Technology Associates also offers a range of other valuable services including risk assessment, financial assessment, forensic analysis, and much more. In order to find out more regarding Stewart Technology Associates or the range of high quality services offered, simply contact our firm directly by phone or email.