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Finite Element Analysis, Dynamic and Nonlinear
Marine Training Simulators, Emergency Preparedness
Floating Process Equipment Design & Slosh Minimization

Overview of STA

Stewart Technology Associates (STA) is an international engineering consultancy specializing in offshore and marine structures. STA was founded by Bil Stewart in 1986 and is based in Houston, Texas. Prior to forming STA Mr. Stewart was Vice President of DnV
in the USA, responsible for all technical work of the Society in the USA.

STA has a wide range of clients from around the world, including major oil companies, drilling contractors, other engineering companies, government agencies, and financial institutions. Our company and our associates have extensive offshore experience in a multitude of engineering disciplines. This experience coupled with STA’s vast arsenal of state of the art engineering software and 2000 book technical library enables us to provide our clients with cutting edge engineering services.

A sister company of STA is Zeta Stewart Associates (ZSA). The main business of ZSA is provision of oilfield process equipment, with emphasis on separators, Separators Zeta-pdm, degassers and scrubbers, and more recently, hypochlorinators, Hypochlorinators.

STA offers a wide range of software, Software, for the design and analysis of marine and offshore systems. STA also offers instrumentation design, provision and overview/review. Professional disciplines within STA include:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Offshore Engineering
  • Process Engineering with:
  • Process Engineering
  • Cost Estimation
  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
  • Geotechnical Engineering with emphasis on Soil/Structure Interactions

STA also specializes in dynamic analysis and design of dynamically responsive systems in the marine environment.

STA is associated with Aryatech Marine & Offshore Service Pvt Ltd, a New Delhi, India and Houston based Marine and Offshore Engineering and Consultancy Company. Through this association STA and Aryatech are able to pool resources and enhance the services they provide to clients. For more information on Aryatech please visit www.aryatech.net.

STA Chain

Buried Anchor Chain Program

STA chain is a computer program for the analysis of anchor chain (or wire) cutting through soil. The program was originally developed for work with the US Navy and plate anchors in 1988. The program does not consider how the end of the chain may have been embedded. However, the analysis considers a lateral load applied to a chain and calculates its equilibrium cut profile through the sea bed.

STA CHAIN may be used to find the geometry and forces in an anchor chain (or cable) attached to an embedded anchor in cohesive soils. The program will calculate the profile of the anchor chain through the sea bed soils, from the anchor to the surface of the sea bed, and will find the tension in each elemental length. User defined boundary conditions include top tension and angle of applied load, as well as soil strength and line size parameters.

A copy of the User Manual can be down-loaded here.


The data input screen is shown below:

The primary results screen is shown below:

The tension in the line and the depth of the line in the soil are shown in the figure below.

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