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Brief summaries of projects undertaken since 1986. Projects include mooring analysis, riser analysis, liftboat design, marine salvage dynamics, subsea pipelines, crane barges, naval architectural analysis. Continue reading

Floating Dry Dock in Waves

The Sewol Ferry Salvage involves a plan to tow the raised wreck from the salvage site to a harbor in South Korea.  This project investigates the unusual hydrodynamics of a floating dry dock (click for PowerPoint) in waves with a heavy load. Click the picture below to view a video with non-linear motions calculated in the time domain using a bespoke mechanism to simulate water on deck and its large … Continue reading

Uncertainty Analysis in Ship Stability

Stability of Ships – Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic The September, 2016 issue of The Naval Architect (RINA) has an interesting article on ship stability that focuses on intact hydrostatics and the uncertainties in predicting this as related to the uncertainty in predicting the ship weight center.  The paper can be viewed here: Uncertainty in Ship Stability The RINA article references earlier work by the authors: I.WOODWARD, M.D., van RIJSBERGEN, M., HUTCHINSON, … Continue reading

OrcaFlex Tutorial with FLUPSY Mooring Analysis Example

The following videos serve as an introduction to using OrcaFlex (an OrcaFlex Tutorial) as a tool for static and dynamic mooring analysis of a pontoon barge system in a mild environment in relatively shallow (64 feet) water depth in a bay. A quick explanation of modeling simple multi-component mooring lines is given.  It is also explained how pontoons can be modeled with pipe elements permitting hydrodynamic motion response to be … Continue reading

Mundra Single Point Mooring, Gulf of Kutch

The underbuoy, or subsea, hoses at this CALM-type (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) single point mooring in the Gulf of Kutch, India suffered failures shortly after installation.  Stewart Technology Associates (STA) was retained to investigate the causes of the failures and to recommend measures to improve future underbuoy hose and float design. Improvements to the original design included changes in hose lengths and float arrangements. STA had meetings with the client, … Continue reading


Time Domain FE Seismic Analysis of Mat-Supported Jack-Up Structure on Soft Clay J. S. Templeton, III, SAGE USA, Inc., OTC 19645, 2008 The Maleo Producer is a Bethlehem 250 mat supported jack-up unit that has been located offshore of Madura Island and converted to serve as a gas production facilities platform. (See Figure 1.) The site has generally soft clay soils and it is in a region of significant earthquake … Continue reading


STA CRANEBARGE calculates the allowable loads for specific crane and barge operations.  View list of STA software. The barge loaded condition is defined and stored.  This includes ballast water in the ballast tanks, the barge lightship weight, the Gottwald AK 912 crane (which is welded in place on the forward end of the deck) and additional deck cargo. The barge hydrostatics characteristics are pre-defined and re-computed every time any data … Continue reading

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