Marine Accident Investigation: Get The Answers You Need

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[Posted on November 13th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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A marine accident investigation should always take place following an accident. Regardless of whether it was a boating accident or an offshore drilling incident, you need to know what went wrong. Without knowing, you are likely going to make the same mistakes again – and this can cost you a significant amount of money.

The worst boating accidents have been due to someone not paying attention. It may have to do with not paying attention while driving a boat or not paying attention to the overall conditions. With a little analysis on the front-end, many accidents could have been avoided.

You may find out from the marine accident investigation that mooring analysis could have prevented an accident. The moorings are used to keep boats and other vessels tied down. They are permanent structures that go into the water. Depending on height, width and material, they can only handle so much weight. The waves and the wind can play a dramatic role in whether the moorings hold up.

Even offshore drilling has been exposed to a variety of problems. A marine accident investigation can be ordered for these incidents as well. By carrying out a full investigation, you can learn what went wrong. Sometimes what caused the accident couldn’t have been foreseen. In most cases, however, they are entirely preventable.

With a marine accident investigation, you can learn what went wrong. The next time you go out into a boat or set up an offshore drilling project, you will know what to do differently. You may have to order more analysis of the environment or you may need to focus on other things. You may even need to concentrate on training your employees on different scenarios that can occur on the water.

Not knowing is what will get you into trouble every time. You want to know about your employees and about the weather. So why wouldn’t you want to know about what caused the marine accident? Investigations can take place by companies that know how to dig deep into the problem, review damage, and run analysis based upon the conditions that were encountered when the accident took place.

The more answers you have about why the accident took place, the more precautions you can take in the future. Marine accidents can cost money and cost lives. You don’t want to be associated with these and this is why a marine accident investigation needs to be ordered before you proceed.

Once you get the answers you need, you can make the necessary judgment calls to change the training protocol, order better materials, and change some of the ways materials are engineered. You may even decide to invest in some technology software that can provide you with better analysis. This will help you prepare for more scenarios when you’re in the water.