OrcaFlex from Orcina

OrcaFlex is a general purpose dynamic analysis software program suitable for a wide range of global dynamic analysis applications. Its user interface, functionality, productivity features, wide range of applications, along with very active program development and technical support, make it the leading option in its peer group. OrcaFlex’s generality, power and flexibility means that a wide range of systems can be modelled, and it is routinely used in the analysis of the following applications: 


  • Extremely quick and robust static analysis
  • Nonlinear Time Domain (implicit & explicit)
  • Linear Frequency Domain (1st & 2nd order)
  • Fully coupled vessel – line analysis
  • Extreme value statistics
  • Modal, VIV, clearance and Interference analysis
  • Regular, rainflow & spectral Fatigue analysis
  • Pipelay and Riser code checks
  • Modelling of post-contact behaviour 

STA has used OrcaFlex for a wide range of projects since 1986, the year that both STA and Orcina were both founded.  STA was the US Agent for Orcina providing technical support services and training North American OrcaFlex Users from 1986 until 2014.  Bil Stewart is an expert user of OrcaFlex.  For full details of the capabilities of the program go to the Orcina website links below: