FEA with SimScale to Optimize an Articulated Navaid

Finite element analysis of the non-linear foam buoyancy in floats for articulated navaid (articulated navigation aids). Click picture below to go to article on Simscale website.

Simscale Article 1

STA has used many FEA tools.  The cloud-based FEA service from Simscale is new, efficient and high quality.

The engineering strength and stiffness properties of polyurethane foam were investigated.  The relationship between foam density and elastic modulus is shown below for a range of foam types.

The articulated navaids are on the north west coast of Australia on the Chevron Wheatstone LNG project.  The design, dynamic analysis and fatigue analysis of the navaid structure was performed with OrcaFlex.

OrcaFlex Models of Articulated Navaid
Extreme Motions In 100-Year Storm

The figure above shows the extreme motions of the navaid in 100-year storm conditions.  The screenshot below shows part of the time domain analysis of one load case in OrcaFlex.