What A Marine Accident Investigation Can Tell You

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[Posted on October 19th by Bill Stewart]

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Accidents can happen out on the open waters and that’s when a marine accident investigation is needed. It can tell you what happened as a way of learning from your mistake and avoiding something of a similar nature in the future. There is the need to find out the legal, environmental, and logistical effects of an accident.

While mooring analysis and other types of analyses can be done to help you determine what the water and other conditions are going to be like, accidents still happen. Despite how much you prepare, something eventually goes wrong and it may not be obvious who or what is responsible.

Some of the reasons for accidents can include:

–           Human error

–           Natural disasters

–           Faulty equipment

When there is an expert witness, it’s possible to get evidence examined and that can help to work through an accident. A marine accident investigation can help to identify the responsible party or parties, solve legalities as to who needs to be called out on the accident, and more. There are various technical issues that can occur and if there have been mooring problems or something else, you need to know about it as a way of preventing such in the future.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. There are large ocean waves that are unpredictable and particularly in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, they have been so large that there is no sea vessel that could be safe from them. Nature can be unpredictable and it requires a marine expert to determine if that might have been the cause of an accident.

Stewart Technology Associates offers marine accident investigation services and they become an impartial help in determining what happened. They may be hired by one party of the accident, though it is their responsibility to weigh all of the evidence fairly. Everything will be examined and after they have gone through all of the details, a determination will be made as to why the accident occurred and what can be done in the future to prevent such a thing.

Ultimately, the investigation is going to tell you what you need to know in order to move past the accident and learn from it. If legal action is required or has been taken against you, the details will be provided so you know what you need to defend or who you need to go after. Some accidents are more severe than others and can lead to fatalities and cost thousands or even millions of dollars. These are the accidents where a thorough investigation is a must to ensure that such a thing never happens again.

Your company’s name is on the line every time there is an accident. When you can give workers, investors, and the media peace of mind as to what happened and take actions to prevent it in the future, it will allow you to get the spotlight off of you.