Understand Marine Accident Investigation

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[Posted on August 20th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Marine Accident Investigation is the process in which marine accidents involving ships or any other marine vessels are systematically examined and investigated in order to find out the cause of the accident. Causes of marine accidents include explosion or collision and human error. The purpose of the investigation is to propose how such accidents can be avoided in the future.

If any accident occurs, the national administration assigns their expert investigators to carry out a Marine Accident Investigation. This is done by interviewing the witnesses, collecting evidence and information for analysis to find out the likely cause of the accident. The result of the accident investigation and proposal is proposed in the final report to the public in order to prevent any occurrence of such accident in the future.

International Maritime Organization requires that all states that have registered ships to thoroughly examine and report any severe accidents that take place in the waters. The voyage data recorder is nowadays fitted on ocean moving crafts in accordance to the international maritime organization requirement.

The voyage data recorder has contributed immensely to the understanding of the causes of marine accidents. It also has contributed to the advancements of marine safety measures. The recorded information has assisted accident investigators in rebuilding happenings of an accident, finding out its cause, and how it can be avoided.

How Stewart Technology Associates helps in investigating marine accidents

Stewart Technology Associates is an agency that offers software, professional testimony and engineering services to various clients in the United States. Detailed Marine Accident Investigation service is provided by Stewart Technology Associates.

It is undoubtedly sad when marine accidents occur. In many cases, the accidents usually bring about a huge amount of destruction. Due to this, an investigation needs to be done in order to answer many questions like: how did the accident happen? Who was responsible?

When an accident takes place, Stewart Technology Associates is always available to carry out the investigation to determine its cause. It does not matter where the accident happened; the president of Stewart Technology Associates and his professional team can be relied on to do a detailed investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident, the liable party and whether any improvements can be made to avoid the same accident from happening again in the future.

Mooring investigation assists in investigating causes of marine accidents

Mooring refers to any permanent construction to which a vessel may be held. Mooring Analysis is whereby a body or a group of bodies which are associated to the floor of the sea by catenary lines system are analyzed. The main function of these lines is to hold the body in a practical vicinity of a marked location.

Mooring systems help in thorough investigation about the causes of marine accidents. The investigation is essential as it is used to find out the cause of the accident and the responsible party. The correctness of mooring ropes, cargo hoses, steel wire, chain, and other factors are evaluated as part of collection of evidence.