Trusted Comprehensive Hydrodynamic Analysis by Stewart Technology Associates

Small firm with top scientific specializations trusted for integrity

The Stewart Technology Associates team of specialist technology experts are highly educated with top scientific degrees, and universally respected for their research and top-level experience in world-wide hydrodynamic analysis projects. Stewart Technology Associates, (STA), specializes in design and analysis of offshore engineering projects and many marine engineering applications. In the current global economy, it is critical for our  clients in the oil & gas industries to push further offshore to find energy supplies that can meet the world demands.

We offer integrity and cutting-edge innovations for offshore structures, drilling processes and production equipment builds that continue to need unquestionable reliability, safety and predictability. STA places a strong emphasis one trust and dedication to the responsible use of highly technical knowledge. This top engineering firm enjoys worldwide respect for design proficiency and multi-level analysis.

Hydrodynamic Analysis

During close to 25 years of excellence in performing hydrodynamic analysis to help world acclaimed marine organizations solve their most difficult challenges and complex obstacles, we have developed top-grade experience involving jack up analysis, pipe lay analysis, CE marking and expert witness testimony, plus much more.

Detailed hydrodynamic analysis of an engineering design or product:

  • Scientifically predicts flow characteristics of bodies of water, body surface parameters expected to impact during the operational phases of the project.
  • Is critical to simulate and test submersible components, underwater power systems and marine architecture.
  • Extends the test data into further professional grade analysis of factors such as stress or vibration on marine structures and pipelines.

Use of Engineering Software to Analyse Flexible Risers

We use the world’s leading engineering software to design and analyze many types of marine systems including risers, mooring systems, marine renewables, towed systems, seismic arrays, seabed stability, and defense. Our first choice in professional engineering software for marine work is Orcaflex, because we get best in class GUI, scientific automation, and visualization. In the case of analysis for riser use,  types of steel and metal alloys, like for catenary risers and other tough marine technology project services, this software allows STA to offer flawless flexible riser design and completely accurate analysis that will exceed the client’s expectations.

Stewart Technology Associates tackles the tough science to make your project succeed

Under the professional leadership of Bill Stewart, CEO, our science and technology team has accomplished laudable worldwide projects and developed an esteemed customer base of U.S. government agencies, large and small oil industries, financial institutions and drilling contractors all over the world. Contact STA Tool-Free in Houston, by phone (713) 789-8340 or email, [email protected], for more details.