Trends and Uses for Cable Dynamics Today in Off Shore Industry

[Posted on January 7th, 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Cable dynamics represent a vital part of all offshore technology projects, procedures and error solutions.  High quality technical reports are necessary, including diagrams which enable technical reports to be well understood by not only trained experts but by average lay persons or legal counsel.  Extensive use of computer software and state-of-the-art analytical simulation techniques are vital in today’s offshore industries and their management technology professionals.  A “notebook” computer and printer should accompany technology professionals when  performing their many important offshore duties or preparing  technical reports.   Millions of dollars have been awarded to clients of Stewart over the last fifteen years as a direct result of the expertise and reporting of the owner of Stewart Technology Associates,  W. P. Stewart, P.E.

Cable Dynamics Also Vital in Reenactments

Stewart Technology Associates maintains  databases of offshore and marine mishaps,  spills, and construction.  Other offshore costs factor into their technology projects, databases of construction and other offshore costs. These are most useful in maritime law.  All of the foregoing testifies directly to the expertise of STA company in offshore cable dynamics and other significant marine solutions.

An anchoring system for offshore is controlled by factors such as site environment, operational variables and the vessel  involved in the system.  Its adequacy and ability to stay on site must be checked by proper methods of analysis. The inclusion ofcable dynamics is an extremely important consideration in the analysis of a moored vessel, permitting anchor motion. Then numerically solved timehistories of cable displacements and cable tensions for cable figurations occurring under the Initial conditions are provided through mooring line static equations.  The equations of motion of the moored vessel subjected to an open ocean are then numerically solved, yielding time histories of vessel motions and cable tensions.

An example involving a moored production barge is examined and results compared with previous incidents.  In this way the cable dynamics are used in the proving labs or court of law as importantly as they are used in their offshore capacity.

Steel Risers

Flexible Risers had a set back in recent years but now they are in high demand. The riser components are used to build off-shore rigs very elevated are needed as much as ever. Risers are most definitely needed. These risers connect platforms with fuel deep below the ocean and carry fuel to areas for packaging and transport. Without risers, much of the world’s oil and gas would remain untouchable.

 Steel Catenaries

The steel catenary risers afford industry perks that others don’t. These are flexible steel traveling from the ocean’s floor to the drilling platform. Designed for deep-water drilling, they measure several hundred meters.

Stewart Technology Associates have played an integral part in the development of America’s oil industry, from working the offshore platforms to damages litigation.