Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Trust Our Anchor Analysis

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[Posted on January 6th, 2015 by Bill Stewart]

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Stewart Technology Associates are fully prepared using top technological analysis software to determine the best decision making and solutions for you, through our anchor analysis programs.

  1. Initially, you need analysis for any type deep sea project or industry, like oil and gas rigging. The best results will come from the inclusion of as many variables as possible for your analytical data. Not only are the anchor’s properties considered, but the chain or cable, and deep sea soil properties as well.
  2. Points of interest for the analysis will include heights, frequency, and velocity of waves, depth of the sea bottom in the anchoring area, currents, salinity, dimensions of the rig or vessel to be anchored, location of the rig where the anchoring will be set, and worst case scenario risks.
  3. Our Anchor Analysis provides suggestions for the materials intended for best use, to manufacture the appropriate anchor properties.
  4. Stewart Technology Associates have built a solid reputation in the field of the marine drilling industry and their clients rely on them with confidence, when they have detailed analysis on the line for the safety of their crew and projects.
  5. Stewart Technology Associates will never fail to exceed your expectations. In all areas of responsible handling of analysis data and critical information, the advice that our company conveys is reliable and sure as our solution proposals.
  6. Anchor analysis is a key consultancy point that world-class engineering specialists, scientists and professional consulting teams use when focusing on deep sea safety and high productivity.
  7. Anchors, single point moorings, multiple point moorings and all other deep sea securing equipment must meet the requirements for marine drilling safety specifications. We are continually expanding our knowledge in the field through our work with drilling contractors, major oil companies, various organizations, financial institutions, and government agencies all over the world.
  8. Through-out the past twenty-five years, Stewart Technology Associates not only performs the highest credible off shore analysis reports, but are trusted to find and recommend the best solutions.
  9. When we assist drilling operations at sea, we are focused on the productivity of the entire operation as a whole. Our anchor and mooring analysis process provides information for current and future sites, as well as preventing accidents and oil spills. During our analysis we can advise on preventative measures and containment of minor problems so they never become major events.
  10. We have developed long term consultation relationships with clients who initially contacted us after an accident or oil spill, to engage our clean up services. The longer we provide analysis assistance to offshore marine sites, the lower the chances of them ever having another event. From the first marine accident investigation to determine what went wrong, to structural, anchor, and mooring analysis and using marine training simulators, we develop the complete picture to provide solutions for future safety and effective operations.