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[Posted on May 7th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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The ocean is still a vastly unpopulated and under-explored region. This is true so much so that it still holds a fascination for people that live in an age of unprecedented technology and exploration. It is the last place on Earth that man has not conquered. As an unforgiving and dangerous environment, man has to be able to overcome, or work with, the elements of the sea. As experts in our field, we provide solutions for that purpose. Welcome to Stewart Technology Associates, the experts in cable dynamics.

While some want to experience life underwater for recreational reasons, others need to get through the ocean’s depths to drill for oil or gas, two of our most important natural resources, without destroying the pre-existing ecosystems. To do this, we at Stewart Technology Associates use a variety of tools and technology, including Orcaflex, a product created by Orcina. Our solutions are safe and effective, providing solutions without causing environmental damage.

Orcina is dedicated to serving the marine and offshore markets with software, analysis and assistance for oceanographic research, compliant marine renewables, seismic studies, ocean engineering and matters of defense. To ensure quality, Orcina only hires the top professionals in their fields, such as software engineers, naval architects, mechanical engineers and mathematicians. The benefit of this knowledge is displayed in the quality of Orcina’s product, Orcaflex. At Stewart Technology Associates, we combine Orcaflex with our expertise in cable dynamics to deliver the solutions our clients are searching for. We do this with our responsibility to the environment in mind.

One of our environmentally-friendly accomplishments has been the development of our flexible risers. In fact, we are well-known as the leaders in our industry for these risers, due to the quality of their design and the corresponding analysis services. We provide our clients with the benefit of our experience, plus the resources and technologies we have at our disposal, such as the Orcaflex software.

These risers have the ability to help protect the fragile ecosystems offshore drilling takes place in, helping us maintain our commitment to the environment. They also aid in the safety of offshore workers and increase productivity. With the ever-increasing cost of fuel, risers are beneficial and even essential, as they help with construction and production on offshore oil and gas platforms. <

The risers we can provide are cost-effective, made of flexible steel and are extremely reliable in a variety of environments. They are resistant to high temperatures and are able to take high pressures without giving. This ensures their eco-friendly use in an offshore or marine environment. We are able to use these in meeting the needs of our clients by providing the solutions they are looking for. With the tools and technologies we have at our disposal, Stewart Technology Associates delivers the solutions our clients need, when they need them, making us the leading experts in cable dynamics.