SPM Squall Analysis

CALM Buoy modeled in OrcaFlex
CALM Buoy modeled in OrcaFlex used in Wind Shift, or Squall Analysis of Suezmax Tanker

CALM Wireline1

Wireline view of SPM CALM Buoy modeled in OrcaFlex.

A Suezmax tanker is moored via a hawser.  View list of STA software.

SUEZMAX Perspective1

Suezmax tanker seen in shaded perspective view in OrcaFlex, moored to SPM CALM buoy during squall analysis.


The portfolio item below provides a short OrcaFlex Tutorial with a Mooring Analysis example.

Bil Stewart

Civil Engineer and Naval Architect with over 40 years experience in design and analysis of offshore and marine structures.
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