Stewart Technology Associates Improves the Seakeeping Analysis for Shipping

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[Posted on June 25th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Stewart Technology Associates are experts in mechanical and geographical technology of the offshore industries seakeeping analysis processes. This is the essence of the STA marine strategies. This company has brought Jack-ups and liftboats to aid marine offshore businesses for years. It also provides information that leads to correct calculations in the preparation of shipping conditions.

As an expert in the field the president of this resourceful technology company, Mr. W. P. Stewart, is a leading person in the mariner field. Called upon in events concerning sea related accidents, Bill Stewart is a seasoned expert. This company developed the jack-up simulator, both physical and software simulators and provides the service of oil spill clean up. The company is involved with risk assessment for mariner equipment.

Established in 1986, STA is qualified in geotechnical technology. The company’s devices have improved the safety and methods of factoring mooring analysis for vessels and the use of training simulators. This company’s equipment is used to further the preparedness of water safety agencies in many countries. Seakeeping analysis has been a part of Mr. Stewarts training for over twenty years and remains a part of his expertise. This Houston based firm provides offshore training equipment for a long list of mariner companies.

Using the companies design and analysis services to improve sea operations this company caters to a number of clients around the globe, up grading the necessary software and equipment that keeps oil rigs and seafaring equipment moving. The mariner community is limited to a few experts and Bill Stewart of Stewart Technology Associates happens to be one of them. Developing tools that propelled shipping into a better industry, the jack-up simulator and the ballast control simulator, this company is standing on the forefront of mariner innovations.

Stewart Technology Associates has acted as a marine specialist making pipe/pump software packages, these items are updated by the company. Mariner developers around the world use the technology developed by STA, with Jack up simulators distributed as a separate item or connected with the full simulator.

Heavily qualified in Seakeeping analysis, STA has the ability to effectively determine if a vessel is able to maintain its integrity in the sea environment. People trained to deal with oceanic conditions are trained on simulators designed by Stewart Technologies Associates.

Ships and barges are a part of the scenery today out on the sea but these water vessels need trained people and strong materials to keep them afloat. This company has developed a strategy that test equipment, trains people and keeps equipment sea worthy, allowing them to test and calculate a vessels seaworthy ability before it is challenged by the oceans fury.