Orcaflex Takes Ocean Engineering To A New Level

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[Posted on March 19th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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It’s important to work with a company that can provide you with detailed analysis any time you are doing work in the ocean. Orcaflex is an advanced software program that can provide you with significant analysis for marine events. This includes details to provide you with insight for any offshore drilling projects that you may be working on.

You may not always have professionals with a background in ocean engineering on staff. This means that you need to find another way to learn about the effects of currents, waves, and even the salt water environment on what you are working on.

If you have an oil rig going out into some of the deepest waters of the ocean, you need to have riser analysis performed to ensure all is being set up properly. Every material that you use can be impacted by the salinity of the water, the depth, the temperature, and various other factors. Orcaflex can provide you with reports to show you what you need to be concerned with.

There is more offshore technology than ever before. With this technology, you can ensure that you are developing the best possible methods so that your rig can withstand the forces of the waves and even protect your risers against corrosion.

Offshore drilling and other marine projects can be a significant undertaking in terms of cost and time. You don’t want to purchase supplies only to have them damaged by the first large wave because of not having valuable analysis at your fingertips. The better solution is to work with a firm that uses Orcaflex so you can find out what you are going to be up against before you get into the water.

There are a lot of things that you can do and prepare for when you know the worst case scenarios. For example, you don’t know exactly how deep the water is going to be until you get out there. However, you can ensure that you are making the best possible calculations when you have advanced software as well as professional engineers running the numbers for you.

When you place risers out from the rig, you want to be sure they stay connected. These are essentially your lines between the ship and the bottom of the ocean floor. If something goes wrong with these, you may have the next biggest marine accident on your hands and this is negative press that you and your company do not need.

Orcaflex has been tested time and again and is capable of providing you with advanced engineering reports to ensure that you have a strong rig that can go up against the environment that you are placing it in. This will help you maximize your productivity and eliminate potential problems when you are in the ocean.