OrcaFlex Software Has Multiple Talents

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[Posted on June 13th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Technology plays an important role in offshore and marine industries. OrcaFlex software has multiple talents to help with structural dynamics and hydrodynamic analysis of structures.

Designed by mechanical and software engineers, naval architects and mathematicians, this software was developed by Orcina Ltd. professionals to analyze diverse marine systems.

Some Features of This Software

This top-rated software assists in the design of the following marine systems.

  • Riser systems;
  • Mooring systems for offshore structures;
  • Installation plans for diverse scenarios;
  • Towed offshore systems; and
  • Defense systems, marine renewables and seabed stability solutions.

With its incredible power combined with a wonderful GUI, this software package is the optimum marine services program available today. Its sister software, OrcaLay and OrcaBend work in concert to provide pipe lay and bend stiffener design and analysis.


The software helps with design and installation of production risers. Needed to transfer fluids to and from vessels, these conductor pipe systems are essential to the efficiency of deep water production systems.

OrcaFlex software also offers assistance with both types of drilling risers. When designing and installing marine drilling risers, which typically are used by floating drilling vessels, and tie-back risers, used by fixed drilling platforms in conjunction with surface blowout preventers, help anchor either single high-pressure pipes or sets of concentric pipes.


Also known as single buoy moorings, single point moorings keep one or more tankers stationary while offloading gas or liquid from platforms. The software allows users to plan how to deploy the buoys for maximum efficiency.

CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) buoys include multiple legs (tethers) and a turntable, allowing vessels to “weathervane” while accepting the transfer of fluids from platforms. Mooring tankers to these buoys gives platforms more flexibility to transfer gas or fluid in varied weather and sea conditions.

The software’s excellent GUI, graphically displays the alternative deployment options to most mooring designs, allowing users to visualize, analyze and evaluate the best choice for installation. Instead of costly trial-and-error methods, OrcaFlex shows the variety of available options for deployment.

Other Applications

Along with displaying multiple options for the vital deployment of risers and moorings, OrcaFlex offers other applications, making it one of the most versatile programs in the marine industry. Other valuable applications include the following items.

  • Installation evaluation and analysis;
  • Buoy system options;
  • Hose variations, including under-buoy, offloading and floating hose systems;
  • Defense issues, including minesweeping research and helicopter landing options; and
  • Renewable energy systems, including wave power and wind farm modeling.

It is evident that OrcaFlex software helps companies and consultants plan, design and deploy the primary marine systems applying to both vessels and offshore platforms. Stewart Technology Associates specializes in using this technology to deliver our outstanding marine consulting services.

Our extensive expertise, combined with this powerful software package, gives us the tools to design solutions to most marine-related issues. We also feature forensic analysis to identify prior problems or create evidence for expert testimony responsibilities. Combined with our riser and mooring experience, we offer a wide variety of efficient solutions for a myriad of structural and offshore marine systems.