The Need For Effective Mooring Analysis

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[Posted on August 27th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Whether you are in the gas and oil industry and involved in establishing large rigs in the middle of the ocean or something much smaller, you need to know about mooring analysis, what it is, and why it is important. You can eliminate a variety of problems by having sufficient analysis in front of you.

Various maritime accidents happen every year because people go out onto the water without doing their homework first. They don’t know about what a mooring is and how to choose one that is going to handle the weight of their rig based upon water conditions.

Whether you are building a mooring or you are using one that is pre-existing, it’s important to get mooring analysis conducted so that you know about the environmental conditions. If you are not going to drop an anchor, using a mooring is one of the few ways that you can stay where you are in the water. If you do not have the necessary information available, you could make mistakes that could damage your boat, your rig, and risk the safety of you and everyone out on the water.

It is important to know about anchoring versus mooring to help you determine which one is needed. Particularly when you are in the gas and oil industry and you have flexible risers to deal with as well, you want to make sure you have what is needed to keep your rig in place.

There are various ways to get the mooring analysis that you require. You can choose to hire engineers and buy advanced software to do all of the research and analysis on your own. You can also choose a third party that can provide you with the analysis as well as their recommendations. The latter is often more affordable and can ensure that you have the details that are required without any kind of bias.

Particularly when you are out on the open seas where it’s hard for emergency personnel to get to you quickly in the event of an accident, you want to make sure you do all of the analysis properly so that you can avoid problems. Having a third party conduct the analysis is advantageous because you know that it is getting done properly and no one is trying to cover up the shortcomings of someone else – which has happened throughout history.

Your vessel has to stay where it is intended when you are on the water. If you cannot anchor due to depth or because of other conditions, using a mooring is your only other option. To avoid mistakes, accidents, or anything else, it is best to order a mooring analysis so you know what potential issues you are dealing with and can take the appropriate actions to prevent any problems from happening out on the water.