Marine Accident Investigation Expertise is Critical for Answers and Liability

[Posted on May 28th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Marine accident investigation events are no simple matter. Unlike the world of land-based transportation, marine accidents can often involve far more factors, especially due to the nature of the weather and water conditions at the time. As a result, a good investigation will include the basics as well as advanced review of the facts and data through hydrodynamic analysis, for example.

There is a reason for the intense scrutiny of marine accident investigation reports and summaries. The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, is often involved and a key player in any investigations that take place, especially serious accidents that involve multiple injuries or death and a commercial vessel. The U.S. Coast Guard can frequently become involved as well. As a result, it is critical for a boat owner or title holder to make sure that any investigation that does occur is performed with the right skill, experience, background and knowledge. Very often, the results of reports can trigger financial responsibilities as well as serious penalties.

Marine accident investigation work can also include any type of installation or facility on major waters as well. Oil rigs, for example, are a prime facility that could have issues and trigger multiple investigations on an accident, especially if the results have both life and environmental impact on a wider scale, such as the Deepwater Horizon accident.

In both type of cases, the investigation work doesn’t stop with the field review and conclusion of what occurred. Expertise is often needed in the legal matters and potential trials that come later, assigning responsibility and blame. Without a good marine accident investigation expert’s testimony, a vessel or facility owner could be sitting with a big target on his back even if not actually at fault.

Stewart Technology Associates can provide a client assistance in both field review as well as impartial expert witness testimony on a marine accident or accident complex. Their depth and knowledge in marine traffic and operational matters is extensive, and their professionalism often shows itself during some of the most critical points of an investigation. A client utlizing the help of Stewart Technologies will be able to focus on other aspects of operations, recovery and assistance knowing that Stewart’s team will handle the accident review completely and comprehensively, from the initial water site to the courtroom if needed.

So if your firm is finding itself in the headlight glare of a marine accident investigation or you need a second-opinion on reports that have been produced, Stewart Technologies is the expert to call. Don’t wait; it could cost your firm far more.