How Orcaflex Is Revolutionizing Data Analysis

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[Posted on September 2nd 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Orcaflex is capable of providing a significant amount of data analysis. The software is used in an array of industries and makes it possible to look at data in more effective ways to compensate for various environmental factors as well as to establish a worst-case scenario so that you can always expect the unexpected.

Some of the industries that the software can be used in includes offshore drilling, riser analysis, hose systems, renewable energy, defense, buoy systems and more. It would allow you to create wind turbine models, riser installation methods, look at the stability of a seabed, and run various test situations to ensure you have the correct setup and have thought about all possibilities within a project.

The features of Orcaflex are highly advanced, providing documentation and validation that would otherwise take analysts weeks to create. For example, ocean waves can have a dramatic impact on a project. When the waves become too high or too forceful, it can effect moorings, riser installation, and overall stability of a vessel out at seal.

Many offshore drilling sites will use Orcaflex in preparation of going out into the ocean. This is to ensure they have the correct materials, have all of the most accurate measurements, and have a design that will work given the environmental factors that they will be up against.

As a result of the technological advancements that the program has to offer, more industries are able to save money. They can utilize the software as opposed to hiring analysts. This helps to get more accurate information and get it faster.

Recommendations can be created from the data as well. This allows engineers and others to see the data from a new angle to determine what needs to be procured prior to starting a project. Salinity, temperature and an array of other factors can be included within the data sets that the software analyzes. This helps to create a better list of products to acquire, saving a company a considerable amount of money.

If you want to focus on your budget for a project, you need to make sure that your analysis is as detailed as possible. You cannot risk the integrity of your project with trial and error. Too many of the materials that you are using come at a high expense and if they are lost due to not accounting for a particular scenario, it could cause your project to fall apart – or be significantly delayed.

Orcaflex has proven itself to be a vital tool in the analysis of data when it comes to aquatic projects throughout many industries. The applications are considerable and the documentation and validation that can be provided helps you to know that your project is going to be more successful because the guesswork has been taken out of the equation once and for all.