Get the Right Service Using Hydrodynamic Analysis

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[Posted on February 26th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

A large part of marine technology consultancy when offering services comes in the hydrodynamic analysis. Marine engineering as a broad discipline has to do with ships and rigs. Hydro means water, and dynamics means the forces and torque caused from the movement of water. Liquids in motion in the case water makes for wear and tear on ships and structures in marine environments.

Handling the Pressure

A basic course in physics will teach the ins and outs of fluid dynamics. Fluid dynamics comes as the basis of hydrodynamic analysis. Fluid constantly flows and has states. A day at the beach shows typical fluid dynamic issues. Beaches have erosion as waves come and go. Depending on the winds and how currents flow when standing in ocean water a person feels different patterns pounding on their body at different levels as water swirls around and past them. Make a change such as more wind or a motor boat come by and it all changes in an instant. A person like you can leave the water anytime but imagine a structure or ship that constantly has water rubbing it. Think about the conditions a typical storm may bring and one begins to realize that erosion on the beach happens to structures and ships. Finding ways to minimize the damage becomes a key element in hydrodynamic analysis.

Flexible Risers

Offshore oil production systems deal 24/7 with fluid dynamics of ocean water, but also the oil being pumped out of the seabed floor. Flexible risers serve as a key component of linking the platform and the well head of an offshore oil production system.  Vibration comes as a constant with all the movement of the fluid through a pipe under pressure. Keeping it all in balance to maintain maximum efficiency and productivity becomes the venue that analysis can help with. Knowing the way the process sequences will help show how to facilitate fluid movement in a way that keeps all flowing well makes the company and the bosses most happy.

Computer Models

Companies use software to input data from the client’s fluid dynamics. This allows a simulation of what occurs when water sweeps past solid material. It makes predictions of durability and erosion if the fluid dynamics continue at that level. A good analysis of the data will show ways to strengthen the material, how to make fluid flow faster or slower, and if a change in process or protocol would help move the product where it needs to go in a timely manner. It takes experts and companies with the right service to make it happen in such a complicated environment. Identify your issues today, and call a service in for your analysis. It puts more money in the pocket and increases safety.