Flexible Risers for Business

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[Posted on February 19th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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When you’re starting an oil business or want to expand the offshore drilling plant you already have affordably, you may start looking into your options and discover various types of flexible risers at differing pricing levels. These risers are used in marine and offshore drilling, and they are one of the most affordable pieces of equipment that you can purchase for this type of work. These risers come in many shapes and forms, which is why most companies will buy them from a company specializing in custom risers and services for the industry. Stewart Technology Associates offers high-quality flexible risers, design, and analysis services to consumers, so you get what you need.

You expect to receive the best quality items for your oil rigs and offshore drilling requirements. Stewart Technology Associates offers specific tools that make sure you get the best, most cost-effective products. For example, Stewart Technology Associates can offer clients private riser design that will be made to suit any situation, analysis services to determine issues or benefits of different systems you’re considering, and uses OrcaFlex technology by Orcina, software used throughout the industry, to produce the best results.

The effects of cable dynamics are important, as they can impact the use of the equipment on your risers. In oil fields, mooring systems are sometimes used with flexible risers, and the cables and attachments must work correctly, or you could damage important hardware or pipelines. So, there are benefits in buying the right kinds of equipment. Steel catenaries, for example, are a type of riser that are flexible steel pipes. They run along the bottom of the ocean and are connected to floating platforms above them. These items can be used for deep-water drilling, and they can be hundreds of meters in length. Fortunately, because they are flexible risers, any changes in the flow of water, tides, or impacts can be handled well by the pipes, and the flexible design allows them to bend instead of breaking. These helpful risers will also transport potentially hazardous waste or materials through the ecosystem of the ocean, so knowing that they won’t break under minor bending pressure is vital.

Compared to other types of risers, these flexible forms are easier to manufacture and cost less overall. Even with the cost being lower, risers are one of the most affordable types. They are extremely reliable, too, and they can resist high temperatures, are flexible, and can withstand high pressure. They are often used in deep sea oil industries and in the gas industry because of their affordability and trustworthiness.