Why Anchor Analysis Is A Must Prior To Equipment Procurement

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[Posted on July 16th, 2014 by Bill Stewart]

It’s important that you know what’s going on with your rig. Anchor analysis can be done to help you maintain stability when you’re out on the water. The analysis will help you to account for worst case scenarios, which helps when the waves get rough or the water gets deeper than you anticipated. You don’t want to buy any kind of equipment until you know what you are dealing with so you don’t waste money on equipment that won’t work based upon the environment that you are going to be subjecting your rig to.

When you have an offshore drilling project, you want to make sure you buy all of the right equipment. Prior to buying, however, you need to make sure that you know all about the environment that you are taking your rig into. This includes understanding the waves, the water pressure, the depth and much more – which is why anchor analysis is critical.

You don’t want to get into anchor troubleshooting while you’re out on the water. Too many companies make the mistake of going out onto the water without knowing what they are truly dealing with. An anchor is not supposed to move. If it begins dragging against the bottom of the ocean floor, you’re in trouble.

Anchor analysis can be done to ensure that your anchor stays where you drop it. This will help you to set up your rig more effectively and be able to make sense of cable dynamics throughout the actual drilling process. If you don’t know about the environment that you are about to set up in, it could be catastrophic.

There are a lot of things going on with offshore drilling and the more you know, the better it will be for you.

A significant amount of equipment needs to be procured, but you have to know what to buy. This includes knowing the weight of the cables, the materials that should be used, and much more. A lot of analysis can be performed to tell you about what you need so that you don’t get involved with any kind of guesswork.

You can buy the software to do the analysis on your own or you can trust a third party to help you with the anchor analysis. A third party can often be the best solution to ensure you can rely on the numbers. It can also provide you with an extra set of eyes on the data to capture everything and identify problems.

Wasting money in the oil and gas industry is expensive and never an option. You can avoid all of that by doing the right analysis ahead of time and then deciding on what you need. That is the sure way to save money and make sure that your rig has what it needs to be functional.