4 Reasons To Obtain Hydrodynamic Analysis Quickly After An Accident

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[Posted on November 16th, by Bill Stewart]

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Investigating accidents that happen at sea is a top priority for maritime investigators as they use all types of resources, including hydrodynamic analysis, to determine the cause. Yet it is paramount to your company to obtain this analysis as soon as possible. Accident scenes can change quickly, especially when the accident is in maritime waters. Get the answers you need to prevent the accident from happening again and to hold the right people responsible. Here are 4 reasons to get this analysis quickly for maritime accidents.

1: Evidence Can Be Negatively Impacted

Investigating an accident at sea becomes twice as hard than evaluating one on land because the evidence can move along with the tides. The waves can change the location of the accident, making the investigation take longer because the investigators have to take into account the original scene of where the accident took place. The ocean water can also affect the integrity of the evidence the longer the evidence is in the water. Investigators can gather up what they need for their report quickly.

2: People Can Try To Cover Up Their Mistakes

While many people may feel bad about admitting that the accident was their fault, they will not be quick to admit to their wrongdoing if they can help it. They will try to blame everything, even the behavior of the water, for the mistake so they are not held liable. The hydrodynamic analysis can be performed to determine if the ocean water was really at fault, if workers made bad judgments, or if there was some type of equipment failure such as a line from single point moorings breaking away. If the accident was caused by human error, then the investigation can turn toward finding who to hold accountable so that the appropriate steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

3: Witness Accounts Can Change Quickly

With the ever changing ocean waters, witnesses can see things that may change very quickly. Also, witnesses will begin to talk to one another, as their testimony can change until everyone agrees to seeing the accident in the same way although it may not be an accurate depiction of events. Getting the right analysis in a timely manner can ensure that everything is investigated, even smallest issues that could be the actual cause and  can change the direction of the maritime accident investigation.

4: Allows Time To Gather Experts

When you get timely hydrodynamic analysis, you can get the determination for the cause of the accident before seeking out expert witnesses if the accident leads to litigation proceedings. You will have all the information you need in a timely fashion, as the experts can give their knowledge to further define the accident details in a manner that can be beneficial to your case.