4 Reasons for Using OrcaFlex Software

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[Posted on February 17th, 2015 by Bill Stewart]

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When searching for dynamic analysis options for offshore marine systems, OrcaFlex is at the top of the charts. For your business, this software program is geared toward user-friendly capabilities that are deep and wide in scope. Additionally, the applications for this program are exponential, offering you ample support options and abilities to expand your offshore marine systems analysis. Here are the four main reasons why we here at Stewart Technology Associates believe this is the best software program to meet your needs.

Offers a Wide Variety of Applications

The options for this particular software application are practically fathomless. For starters, you can apply OrcaFlex Software to the dynamic riser analysis, such as for hybrid riser systems or tensioned marine risers. Use the program to analyze moorings including oceanographic, aquaculture, spread and jetty mooring systems. Additionally, installation analysis for anchor/mooring deployment and riser installation is an ideal treatment for the use of this program. You can take this software and determine offshore lift dynamics, in addition to cable lay dynamics, to make the most of your time with offshore marine systems analysis.

Other applications that you can use this system for include through-splash zone deployment, seabed plough deployment, and J-Tube pull-in. Buoy systems are a breeze to analysis, whether you are working with metocean, SPAR or CALM buoys. If you are operating on defense systems, such as helicopter landing systems or minesweeping studies, or your company works with renewable energy via floating wind turbines or wave power systems, take the OrcaFlex system to task on your next assignment.

Multiple Capabilities for Performance

In addition to serving as a general provider of data analysis for nearly every offshore marine function known to man, this software will also function successfully as a library. Store your data within the program for future analysis, if desired, or to use for testing purposes. You can also use the software via automation to render your valuable time on other projects. Integration with 3rd party software is fully available with this offshore marine systems software program.

Who Can Use Offshore Marine Systems Software

As you can see by the lengthy applications for this program, there is a limitless number of businesses in the offshore marine sector that can benefit from this software. For instance, those functioning in ocean engineering, compliant marine renewables, aquaculture and seismic can directly relate to the analysis options provided with the program.

What is needed to Access the Software

In order to begin using this software, you will need a computer that has at least Windows Vista or Windows 7 platforms. However, it is fully capable of running using Windows 8, and 32- and 64-bit versions are supported. You will need to check your screen resolution, as there is the minimum requirement of 1024 x 768. Ideally your setup will include a high degree of memory performance due to the simulation and intensity of this program. Opt for a minimum of 4GB of memory for best results, and multi-core systems are optimal. To learn more about this type of offshore marine systems software, contact Stewart Technology Associates.