Mundra Single Point Mooring, Gulf of Kutch • Stewart Technology AssociatesStewart Technology Associates

Mundra Single Point Mooring, Gulf of Kutch

The underbuoy, or subsea, hoses at this CALM-type (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) single point mooring in the Gulf of Kutch, India suffered failures shortly after installation.  Stewart Technology Associates (STA) was retained to investigate the causes of the failures and to recommend measures to improve future underbuoy hose and float design.

Improvements to the original design included changes in hose lengths and float arrangements.

STA had meetings with the client, HPC-Mittal Pipelines, Ltd, in India and with the SPM designers, SBM, in Houston.  Improved methods of installation were developed.

This project was managed from our Caribbean office.  View list of STA software.

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