This is an Excel Program for the calculation of the GZ curves and large angle stability properties of a wall-sided vessel.  The program can be used to obtain reasonable estimates the GZ Curves of many vessels.  The results are exact for rectangular parallelepipeds (brick-shaped) vessels.  Edit only the yellow cells.

Wind heeling moments are calculated at large angles.

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Cruise Ship Collision Barrier

A new type of collision control barrier is under design and development.  The design brings a very large cruise ship (or any other vessel) gradually to a stop, converting the vessel’s initial kinetic energy to potential energy stored in two structures on either side of the barrier.


Hydrodynamic analysis with OrcaFlex is used to confirm and improve upon closed form analytical solutions developed by STA.

Designs have been developed for cruise ships up to 333m length with gross tonnage 150,000 and velocity 6 knots.

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