STA 2POINT is a program that solves the specific problem of a vessel in a two-point mooring, subject to lateral and longitudinal loads from wind, waves, and current.  The program is designed for low (or zero) pretension situations in relatively shallow water (where the horizontal projected lengths of the mooring lines are several times greater than the vertical distance between the vessel chocks and the sea bed). 

The solution is numerical and iterative and can account for the stretch of the lines where this is of importance.  The lines are considered to be straight between the anchors and the chocks, and no catenary effects are considered.  Hence the resulting tensions may be slightly non-conservative, depending upon the line weights used (heavy chains will give higher than predicted tensions).

The main input and results screen is shown below

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The data input section is shown below


The main results are shown below


Wind and current loading is included, using the US Navy's methodology, as indicated in the screen below.

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