STA CRANEBARGE is a static and quasi-dynamic monitoring system that calculates the safety factors of Crane Barge use in different operational conditions. Once tailored to the individual Crane Barge and Cranes STA CRANEBARGE provides the user with on-site pre-operational lift guidelines and risk assessment for any particular crane lift operation. Factors that are taken into consideration by the program are barge hydrostatics, barge ballast tank load, lightship weight, crane weight and variable deck cargo distribution. The planned lift characteristics including barge to delivery platform distance, effective hookload, crane reach, and environmental conditions can be inputted into STA CRANEBARGE. The new hydrostatics of the barge during pick-up, transfer and put-down are outputted along with a graphical representation of the lift and any warnings are flagged. Below is a short video introduction to STA CRANE BARGE. Further below are screenshots of the User Interface. The STA CRANEBARGE manual can be downloaded here.