STA SPM is a program for the static analysis of the equilibrium position and mooring forces on single point moored vessels.  It has been developed specifically for the analysis of single point moored tankers, either with bow turrets or with bow hawsers.  A second tandem offloading tanker together with astern thrust, or with an attendant tug, can also be simulated.  The program is extremely fast and efficient.  A display of the moored vessels is shown in plan view together with the directions of the wind, wave, and current conditions.

The calculation of the equilibrium position of a tanker, or any other ship, at a single point mooring is complicated when the wind, wave, and current directions are not the same.  In many cases, the equilibrium position of the vessel is such that it is completely non-intuitive.  This is especially the case in relatively shallow water where the current forces of the vessel increase significantly, primarily in the beam direction, when the water depth to draft ratio becomes less than 1.2.

The Results Summary Screen is shown below:

The User Manual may be downloaded here.

Graphical Results are shown below:


Screenshot of data input area:

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