CE Marking

CE Marking Service from Stewart Technology Associates

[Posted on July 14]

Stewart Technology Associates (STA) is one of the leading engineering consultancy firms which focus on marine and offshore structures.  While marine and offshore structures such as jack- ups, moorings, etc are a large focus, STA also offers consultancy on a wide variety of services which include expert witness marine and CE marking.  If you are a company in the marine industry looking for assistance in CE marking, Stewart Technology Associates has the experience and knowledge that can help. 

The CE Mark
CE marking is actually a conformity mark.  It is a mandatory mark that is placed on products that are available in the EEA (European Economic Area).  Once a product has a CE marking on it, this states that the manufacturer and an authorized representative assert that the product meets all the essential requirements of the relevant European directives.  In the European Union, there are many directives that require the CE marking. Some of the products that require this mark include products that are used for purposes of safety, machinery, low voltage equipment and much more.  STA has the experience and knowledge to assistance marine industries in conforming and acquiring the CE marking.

The CE Marking:  Essential for Business
Because acquiring the CE marking is essential for business, it is necessary to have a consultancy firms such as STA ensure that your products comply with all European directives.  We understand the amount of work and resources that go into product development and have the knowledge and resources to ensure the smoothest approach to obtaining a CE marking.  Especially for businesses located outside of the EU, the CE marking can be a foreign and bureaucratic nightmare, however with the assistance of Stewart Technology Associates, we can make this process as efficient as possible.

STA Offers Over 20 Years of Experience
With over 20 years of experience, STA has worked with the top organizations in the marine engineering industry.  In addition, we have contributed to several learned societies and conferences.  For those that require a professional approach to CE marking, you will find that we have an outstanding reputation.  For more information regarding CE marking, please contact us directly.