CE Marking

Receive a CE Marking for Marine Products

[Posted on December 15]

Stewart Technology Associates is a leading marine engineering consultancy firm focusing on marine and offshore structures, as well as a wide range of services for the marine industry.  Some of the services that STA is known throughout the marine industry for include: jack-ups, moorings, hydrodynamic analyses, expert witness marine, wave power systems and assistance in complying and receiving CE markings.

STA CE Marking Services
The CE marking is a conformity mark that is mandatory for manufacturers and authorized representatives to acquire in order to meet all the essential requirements of European directives in the European Union.  A product that has a CE marking states that it conforms to these directives and can be sold within the EEA (European Economic Area).  Products that usually require the CE marking include items created for safety purposes, machinery, low voltage equipment and much more.  For those organizations that require a CE marking for your product, STA has the knowledge and experience to assist marine industries in conforming and acquiring the CE marking.

Our Approach to CE Marking
Obviously, the CE marking is essential for business and STA can assist you making sure that complying and acquiring the CE marking is a straightforward and swift process.  We understand the amount of resources and time that companies spend on a product and with our experience and know-how; we offer a smooth approach to obtaining a CE marking.  For businesses that are outside the European Union, acquiring a CE marking can be additionally challenging, however STA has helped many marine organizations around the world with CE marking issues.

STA Offers Over 20 Years of Experience
Stewart Technology Associates offers over 20 years of experience working in the marine engineering industry.  In addition to the many contributions to learned societies and conferences, we offer a highly professional approach to CE marking.  For more information regarding our CE marking services, please contact us directly.