CE Marking

Receive a CE Marking with the Help of STA

[Posted on March 2]

Stewart Technology Associates (STA) is known throughout the marine engineering industry as being a leading consultancy firm that centers on marine and offshore structures. We offer a wide variety of services geared toward the marine industry. We cover many needs that those in the marine engineering industry can appreciate and have the expert staff that is capable of handling the situation. Our services include jack-ups, moorings, hydrodynamic analyses, expert witness marine and wave power systems. In addition, we also can help a marine organization with complying and receiving a CE marking.

Talk to STA about CE Markings
Having a CE marking means your marine product meets industry standards required for it to be sold in the Europe Economic Area. A CE marking is a conformity mark that is mandatory for manufacturers and authorized representatives to acquire in order to meet all the essential requirements of European directives in the European Union. If a product has a CE marking, that means it conforms to these directives and can be sold within the EEA (European Economic Area). Usually, products with a CE Marking are made for machinery, safety purposes, low voltage equipment and more. STA is armed with the knowledge and experience to help marine organizations conform and acquire a CE Marking.

We Assist You in Obtaining a CE Marking
A CE marking is important for marine businesses to have since a lot of their products are sold overseas. Although complying with regulations can have its difficulties, STA has the right staff and expertise to handle the job right that makes it easier for marine organizations that already have their hands full with running their own business. Obtaining and complying a CE Marking is a smooth and fast process with STA. Marine companies spend too much time and resources on their products for them not to be able to be sold in European markets.  This is especially true for businesses outside the European Union. STA helps marine businesses overcome these obstacles all over the world so that getting a CE Marking does not become a hassle.

Experience is on Your Side with STA
With more than 20 years experience in the marine engineering industry, STA has earned the reputation as being the firm to call if in need of consulting. Whether it is a jack-up analysis or getting a CE Marking, you can count on STA delivering it s services with the utmost professionalism. For more information regarding our CE marking services contact us today.