CE Marking

STA Provides Assistance with CE Marking

[Posted on January 4]

In the marine engineering industry, Stewart Technology Associates (STA) has a reputation as being one of the top rated consultancy firms when dealing with issues such as marine and offshore structures. We have an expert staff that is knowledgeable in handling situations in the marine engineering industry. At STA, we do jack-up analyses, moorings, hydrodynamic analyses, expert witness marine and wave power systems. One of the most requested consultancy issues we deal with at STA is helping marine organizations comply and receive a CE marking.

Get a CE Marking with STA
Marine organizations request a CE marking so they can sell products that meet industry standards in the Europe Economic Area. It is a conformity mark and is mandatory for manufacturers and authorized representatives to have to meet the necessary requirements of European directives in the European Union.  Products with a CE marking are for machinery, safety purposes and low voltage equipment. At STA, we have an experienced staff that can help marine organizations receive a CE marking.  

CE Marking Needed to Sell Products Overseas
Marine organizations sell a lot of products overseas. Having a CE marking is vital to comply with foreign regulations. STA has the right staff to do the job. This makes it easier for marine organizations to keep their minds focused on running their own affairs rather than worry about not complying with regulations. STA makes receiving a CE marking a smooth and fast process. Marine companies put a lot into their products. With so much invested, they need to be able to have their products sold in European markets. For marine businesses outside the European market, it is especially important to get a CE marking. STA knows this and is ready to assist. Our staff of professionals work with marine organizations to make sure the process is as swift and smooth as possible. 

We Have the Experience
STA has earned the reputation of being the one to call if a marine company requires a CE marking. We have over 20 years of experience. No matter what service your marine organization needs, STA is ready to deliver. We can help with a CE marking, jack-up analysis, anchor analysis and more. Regardless, we have the knowledge and experience to do it right. If you are in need of a top rated marine engineering consultancy firm, contact us directly today.