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Jack-Up Simulator Comments

STA developed the first jack-up simulator in the world. Several implementations of this simulator exists, including the physical simulators in Scotland and Louisiana, as well as the software versions in Texas and in California.

STA JUSIM models the behavior of the jack-up rig subjected to all known likely conditions. Punch-throughs and leg damage can be simulated. Similar to the ballast control simulator the trainees operate the control panel on board a tilting table. Unlike the semi-submersible simulator the jack-up simulator must control the attitude of the table to within one-tenth of one degree. With many titling tables in existence today, the required degree of accuracy is not possible because of flexure of the table.
STA has proprietary designs of table structures with tilting mechanisms that do not suffer from this limitation. Synectica/Pisys

Another unique feature of the jack-up simulator is it’s ability to rotate the tilt table quickly through a large angle. Some cases this can be done with a hydraulic system. However, this is often difficult and STA has turned to the screw-jack actuators used in the aerospace and movie industries. Although these devices are expensive, STA believes they give the best bang for the buck since maintenance if effectively zero, over the life (25 years) of the system.

Some examples of the first generation of STA jack-up simulators are shown at Simulator Background

STA JUSIM is sold as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with a full simulator.

Ballast Control Simulator

STA has software of superior quality to any known competitor in this area. Because the market is so small STA simply maintains and upgrades existing clients, using state- of- the- art stability, mooring, riser, and pipe/pump network software. Each computational module is integrated into the STA instructor package (sample screen shown below). As modules are updated, so STA updates their package.

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