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Tips For Cable Dynamics With Offshore Drilling

[Posted on July 10th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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It’s important that you focus on cable dynamics when you create an oil rig because you don’t want anything to go wrong. The productivity of your oil rig depends on all of the cables. This includes the length of the cables, how they will respond to the different environments as well as the strength that they are able to hold.

The last thing you want is to encounter oil rig accidents. Not only can it lead to fatalities but it will be all over the news. You don’t need any bad press against your business, which means that cable dynamics has to be a top priority.

You need to work with a professional company that can provide you with technology consultations. This allows someone to take a step back and look at your project with a different set of eyes. As a result, you can ensure you are getting the type of work you need done. You will be able to build everything with the knowledge that you are using the right cable setup.

You cannot rely solely on books to teach you all about cable dynamics. You need to know about all of the different supplies that are available to you – such as flexible risers to help simplify water pumping.

The cabling is of the utmost importance because it will keep you afloat when you are thousands of miles off shore. You do not have anything if you do not have a strong support system. Various things will be hanging from your boat – and if the cabling is not strong enough and not set up accurately, it’s going to cause a lot of problems for you.

Software can be used to help with various aspects of cable dynamics. This allows you to measure everything and place a variety of scenarios into the computer to ensure you have thought of everything. Remember that because of the water depth as well as the waves that are created, your cabling will need to hold up to all of it.

The idea is to measure twice and cut once. The principle that is used in building can be used in offshore drilling as well. Measuring two or three times with the help of software and with technology consultants can save you a lot of time – and a lot of money. Once you get into the water, you need to run efficiently – and you cannot afford for accidents to happen.

This is why it is imperative to work with a company that understands offshore drilling. Finding a company with years of experience in design and cable dynamics can ensure you have thought of everything before you get out onto the water. Offshore drilling can be rewarding as well as dangerous, so cabling has to be a top priority even before you venture offshore and into the unknown.

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