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Stewart Technology Associates Bring Riser Analysis to the Next Level

[Posted on June 29th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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When operating in adverse offshore conditions, a comprehensive riser analysis is crucial to ensuring the safe and effective use of your equipment.  No matter where in the world the next offshore drilling opportunity takes your company, the day to day performance of your crew will be greatly enhanced by knowing that your platform is operating at peak efficiency.

For more than two decades, Stewart Technology Associates (STA) have been dedicated to solving marine technology problems.  Company leader, Bill Stewart has made the development of riser analysis a priority, and is the author of numerous technical papers on the subject, as well as, playing an instrumental role at industry conferences dedicated to educating others about the importance of detailed technology solutions.  They are recognized as experts in the field by other experts.

From riser analysis to seakeeping analysis, Stewart Technology Associates utilize the latest in technology to arrive at an offshore solution for your technology problems.  Additionally, the application of industry-wide, best-practice standards ensures that you can always be certain of your equipment’s performance even in an uncertain marine environment.

These stellar results are achieved, in part, through the reliance on the industry’s leading software package, Orcina’s OrcaFlex marine technology software.  OrcaFlex allows for the careful consideration of critical issues like riser analysis, and is the favored marine software package of over 170 organizations worldwide.

With this technology in harness, Stewart Technology Associates’ design and analysis team can bring quantifiable data to the table for analysis.  Additionally, their vast library of over 2,000 technical volumes means that the answers to client’s questions are nearly instantaneous.  They leave nothing to chance when it comes to properly assessing your equipment and procedural effectiveness.

No matter what the industry, knowledge is power, and STA’s project technology experts are sharing that knowledge every day all over the world.  If you are operating in the challenging arena of offshore drilling platforms, you may well be surprised by the myriad of solutions they have to offer for problems, which you may not even have known existed.

Stewart Technology Associates have consulted on projects for some of the largest drilling operations in the world and are trusted throughout the industry.  As experts in the field of riser analysis, they are constantly honing their skills, so that clients, and their employees, benefit from Stewart Technology Associates’ rigorous research and design efforts.

Industry leaders in the field of offshore structures and their operating environment, the professional team at Stewart Technology Associates deliver their expertise in research and design to the solution table with innovative ideas, models, and technology software.  Contact them today so they can help your team arrive at a safer and more productive tomorrow.

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