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Stewart Technologies Offers Varied Rigid and Flexible Risers Solutions

[Posted on June 19th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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With deep sea drilling for oil and gas continuing to grow, flexible risers continue to be a needed link between the subsea station and platform. They are the pipeline that transports the gas and oil from the ocean floor to the platform or oil rig for packaging or transport. The oil and gas is pumped up through the risers to the platform or boat where it is transported to be used by businesses.

Risers are often insulated to withstand the extreme temperatures of the ocean floor. They are made to be either rigid or flexible depending on their use. Steel cantanery risers are designed on the principle used to build bridges. They connect the well drilled on the sea floor to the production area. Often they are used to connect two floating oil or gas production platforms too. This curved riser can withstand some motions but too much can cause problems.

These risers are made of flexible steel pipes that are made for deep water drilling.They are often hundred of meters long going far beneath the ocean. They are very reliable and hold up under extreme temperatures and conditions. They are used most often in oil and gas drilling due to costs and dependability of the material.

Top tension risers often end below the facility. These risers are anchored to the area but can move with wind and waves. The risers attachment to the sea floor often causes vertical displacement between the riser top and its connection to the facility. Two solutions are to add a motion compensator or buoyancy cans that helps the movement of the riser remain more flexible.

Designed for deep water environments riser towers are made of steel. They often reach to the surface. These towers have large buoyancy tanks attached to them. The risers are oten located inside the steel towers. The tanks keep the risers in position. Flexible risers are often connected to the vertical risers and the facility to make them work effectively.

Flexible risers can withstand vertical and horizontal movement making them perfect for floating stations. This flexible pipe has been used to connect production equipment on a floating site to production and export risers. They are now used as a primary riser solution. They offer a number of flexible configurations that work with different deep water drilling stations. Two are the steep S and lazy S that utilize buoyancy modules.

Without rigid and flexible riser gas and oil would not be able to be pumped to the surface for use as fuel for our homes, businesses and cars. Stewart Technologies uses risers that are designed to protect the environment and withstand extreme conditions in the deep sea. They will help you find the right solution for your deep sea drilling project and help you with seakeeping analysis.

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