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Mooring Analysis for Your Business

[Posted on August 1st, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Mooring analysis can help a drilling company understand the area where they’re working. For marine and offshore structures, Stewart Technology Associates has all of the vital technology needed to work correctly and to ensure safety. The company can help drillers perform structural design analysis, hydrodynamic analysis, mooring analysis, and more.

The company has extensive offshore experience and has state-of-the-art software that helps drilling companies and marine workers understand exactly what they’re doing, so it can be done right the first time. Pricing is available on the site for things like anchor analysis and mooring analysis, so there is never any question of cost.

For mooring analysis, companies can use the Ballast Control Simulator software provided by STA. Pricing starts at $8,000 and includes BMS, ballast control, and mooring simulation software.

Another product available is STA 2-Point, which offers the static analysis of two-point mooring systems in shallow water. This analysis costs $1,500. Single-point moored tanker and capacity information may be investigated with STA SPM, which costs $4,000 for analysis.

For companies looking to lay out a mooring system across the water, try STA Laymoor. This program provides all the tools needed to lay out the mooring system. It is a low-cost program at $450. For advanced management of mooring and risers, STA Rigman is available as well, and this can be used as an advisor for floating drilling rigs, like those found in deep-sea areas. The management software is available for $30,000 through the company and includes BP.

Not all programs will be perfect for every task, which is why STA offers customization at an extra cost. Some pricing is available on request, so it’s easy to determine the amount needed to better specialize software for a project.

Making sure your mooring is in place and secure is vital to making your operation safe. The mooring, which holds your entire vessel or platform in a secure location, provides the security needed to keep your workers and vessels safe during business operations.

From permanent anchor mooring to swing moorings, fore and aft moorings, or pile moorings, the analysis available through STA can help you be sure that your vessels and workers are secure. You’ll be able to determine holding power and the potential for damage to the surrounding environment (so you can prevent it). No matter which type of mooring is being used, the software from STA can determine if there are changes you can make to the platform to help prevent damage to the area around you or to your vessels and which things you can do to improve productivity and safety levels.

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