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Expertise in Anchor Analysis and Mooring Solutions

[Posted on June 3rd, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Off shore drilling rigs, research facilities and laboratories, and other offshore stations of various types have one major issue in common—they all need accurate and professional anchor analysis. The proper mooring applications of these facilities are not only paramount to the daily work conditions of these structures, but also to the protection of the immense investment put forth in these edifices.

Hydrodynamics are an essential priority in the implantation and successful operations of offshore facilities of all types. No other Technology Consultant firm has the experience and technological equivalency of Stewart Technology Associates (STA) in terms of analytical software development and hardware implementation technologies.

STA works tirelessly to research and develop expertise in all the ranges and geographic locations of structures (rather than developing a niche` in the field) which need solid proficiency in anchor analysis or Seakeeping Analysis alternatives in all the offshore industries.

One of the more obvious problems with sea faring missions which use structures designed to remain at sea long-term or stationary, are the often dangerous and unpredictable conditions of nature on the high seas. These are some of the problems companies face when seeking funding, licensing, and permits for off-shore ventures of all types. The past stories of horrendous oil spills and other disasters which befall stationary structures on the ocean have helped to create further opposition to their construction, launch, and their very existence. Companies need expertise in the area of safety and high quality anchor analysis to ensure everything possible is done to prevent such accidents.

Stewart Technology Associates has developed a comprehensive software system that envelopes the entire construct of the industry and its needs from start to finish. Here are a few of the main focuses of their programs:

  • Design sea state analysis
  • Static and dynamic mooring systems analysis
  • Wave scatter dynamics
  • Slamming analysis
  • Analysis of multiple interacting structures
  • Hull girder loads and drift analysis
  • Spill containment and oil spill cleanup procedures

These are some of the top concerns and questions that arise when companies begin to plan and assess the tasks of maintaining sea structures and their anchor analysis or mooring solutions.

Finding a company that is complete in its services and comprehensive in its solution is important to offshore developers, research projects, and other offshore marine activities. STA consultants also offer assistance in emergency solutions as well. At Stewart Technology Associates our scope is broad in nature which guarantees our clients will find the solutions they seek to protect and manage their offshore projects and assets. Before you begin the daunting tasks of compiling information about an offshore venture contact STA for expert anchor analysis and mooring solutions to ensure your company and its investments are on the cutting edge of industry standards and the technologies available.

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