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What data does a Riser Analysis provide?

Published by Bill Stewart on August 18, 2016

How can riser analysis help my company?

Whether you are designing a riser system or deploying one during drilling or production operations, you need to have a good idea of how the system will be affected by the forces at work in the marine environment. This includes wave action, tidal forces, changing weather conditions and extreme undersea pressures. Riser analysis can be used to accurately model these forces through hydrodynamic analysis, finite element analysis and other techniques, allowing you to account for them properly during the design or deployment of riser systems. This can have significant benefits for your company, including:

Reduced Development Costs: 
By analyzing multiple riser designs, eliminating poor designs and improving mediocre ones, much of the expense of prototyping and testing designs that later prove to be substandard can be eliminated.

Improved Riser Designs: 
Using riser analysis, each riser design can be thoroughly examined for structural problems, weak points or maintenance issues before production, allowing improvements to be made that reduce maintenance and enhance durability.

Improved Riser Deployments:  
With riser analysis, you can model the platform, sea floor, buoys and other nearby structures to determine the best position for the riser installation, minimizing risk of damage, leaks or poor performance.

Increased Safety:  
With improved riser designs and better riser deployments, the safety of the drilling or production operation increases significantly, reducing injuries and minimizing liability.

Increased Production:  
With efficient riser designs and deployments, along with reduced downtime from riser failures, production can be increased significantly, leading to greater profits.

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