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How can I benefit from hydrodynamic analysis?

Published by Bill Stewart on October 13th, 2015

Hydrodynamic analysis is an amazing tool used to gain insight into the behavior of water and liquids and how they impact ships and other maritime facilities. This centers upon the study of fluid in motion and provides key benefits to people involved in major scale projects like solving complex problems with offshore facilities. The following are just a few of the ways in which you might benefit from hydrodynamic analysis:

  • Building in challenging waters. Offshore companies frequently have to go in harsh conditions, where there can be either extreme depths or shallow, unpredictable waters (like in the Arctic). Hydrodynamic analysis provides accurate predictions of wave loads to enable the safer construction of offshore platforms. This includes giving accurate calculations of needed strength and fatigue capacity. 
  • Offshore pipelaying. Whenever you put down pipes, it's integral to know how the underwater forces will act against their installation and removal. Hydrodynamic analysis is especially beneficial for those needing to know how best to operate a powerful DP vessel through shallow water for safe pipelaying.
  • Harbor and mooring design.  Knowing how tides and special underwater forces will work against set mooring and harbor designs is one of the biggest benefits of hydrodynamic analysis. When putting in a mooring field near an offshore platform, it's the harbor master's responsibility to ensure that lift and drag factors won't cause boats to be pushed into precarious locations. This type of analysis ensures that harbor construction and the installation of a mooring field meets all standards and is capable of withstanding the worst of an area's storms and tidal fluctuations.
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