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Stewart Technology Associates Consider Cable Dynamics In Their Technology Analysis

[Posted on June 12th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Marine and offshore risers and other structures require special cable dynamics to ensure the safe operation of structures out in open water. Stewart Technology Associates takes into account these structures and the issues cables experience as they come up with unique mooring solutions for companies in the gas and oil industry.

Cables are placed on floating and submerged structures to keep them steady so that company operations can proceed with the extraction and processing of resources can proceed. They may also be used for communications and power operations. Structures such as jack-ups and risers are actually situated on a movable surfaces, as the ocean tides, waves and currents constantly affect the stability of the structure and all equipment running from that structure into the watery depths. Seakeeping analysis must be performed to address the type of pressure and stress the cables will experience during calm seas as well as turbulent ocean waves caused from destructive storms to ensure the structures will not collapse or cause injuries to workers on floating platforms.

In addition, catenary mooring cables are analyzed in relation to the drag and seabed friction to prevent failure that can effect marine and offshore structures. By analyzing how the tide and current of the ocean influences the cables used on these structures, companies can ensure they are developing the proper technology solutions to prevent present and future problems.

Stewart Technology Associates uses the most state-of-the-art technology when evaluating cable dynamics for oil and gas industries to develop diagrams and plans for floating and submerged structures. This consultant organization utilizes  OrcaFlex software, one of the premier dynamic analysis software applications available that is used by over 170 organizations around the world. This software helps Stewart Technology Associates create technology diagrams and computer animations in regards to the correct placement of cable whether it is power cables, communication cables or cables used for mooring purposes.

Don’t begin building marine and offshore structures without the proper cable dynamics solutions offered by Stewart Technology Associates. Ensure your technology team has considered all the possibilities regarding the use of cable on your structures by getting these comprehensive consultant services. Stewart Technology Associates will take all factors into consideration regarding the amount and length of cable used, the geographical location of the structure and the unique influences of ocean patterns that can affect structures placed in that area.

Design and build safe and sound structures to prevent costly accidents and injuries by getting cable dynamics expertise from the consulting experts. Whether the structure is large of small, Stewart Technology Associates can give you the solutions for your marine and offshore operations by providing the answers you need for the correct placement of cable. By obtaining these technology solutions, you can avoid costly accidents and repairs.

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