How can OrcaFlex apply to my offshore operations?

Published by Stewart Technologies on June 10, 2016

OrcaFlex has rapidly become the model software for a variety of offshore operations. If you’re looking for a robust solution to meet your marine system’s needs then just consider the following applications of OrcaFlex:

  • Risers: OrcaFlex is a huge asset in situations like modeling the emergency disconnect of a drilling riser. This software can correctly model the riser’s recoil to ensure the appropriate equipment is chosen to prevent against traveling stress that can cause damage to the drill rig during disconnect.
  • Moorings: OrcaFlex software can also be utilized to model a branched mooring system and help operators understand the dynamics of sea drifts, winds, and vessel weight in order to create an ideal mooring system.
  • Installation Analysis: Offshore operations worldwide choose OrcaFlex due to its unique capability to show dynamic simulations of how various installations will work on a given seabed template. This includes showcasing the unique dynamics of the lowering wire, vessel maneuvering, and winch control. 
  • Towed Systems: Towing objects isn’t simple. OrcaFlex can be used to model towing dynamics; from the vessel doing the towing, to the object being towed. This full package solution includes tools to control for the depth of the array as well as its weight.
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