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Analysing Steel Catenary Risers is Stewart Technology Associates Bread and Butter

[Posted on July 3rd, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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If you are in the business of operating a deep sea oil rig then you need to talk to the offshore marine specialists at Stewart Technology Associates regarding steel catenary risers and the technical aspects of your mooring system.  Face it, you are working in a demanding environment and everything needs to work perfectly to ensure maximum productivity from your rig, and maximum safety for your crew.  Stewart Technology Associates have been delivering maritime solutions for more than a quarter of a century.

As rigs move into deeper and deeper waters in search of oil the complexity of their design requirements, and the costs associated with retrieving the oil increases exponentially to the challenges posed by the physical environment around them.  As such, throughout the industry, interest is mounting for cost effective solutions for the development of steel catenary risers that are up to the critical task of securing offshore pipeline to your oil production platform.

Utilizing the powerful technology of Orcina’s OrcaFlex software packages, Stewart Technology Associates are recognized as an industry leader in the research and analysis of cable dynamics systems, and has consulted with major gas and oil companies around the world, the United States Navy, and the U.S. Coast Guard to arrive at innovative mooring solutions for a host of associated deep sea environmental challenges.

If risers are a concern, they have a solution for you from top tensioned risers to flexible risers to steel catenary risers and more.  They will harness the highly specialized power of Orcina’s state of art computer software, coupled to decades of experience working in the industry, to solve your technology conundrum.

Those who are in the know in the offshore drilling game know that Stewart Technology Associates can be counted on to isolate their mooring problems, develop innovative solutions, and provide expert advise on implementation of a workable answer that ensures that your drilling operation is not downed for technical reasons when you need it the most.  You can count on them to provide a detailed analysis of your operation that will indicate an appropriate road map to arrive at a specific solution to your specific problem.  When the stakes are high, you bring in the experts to make sure that your equipment and procedures are up to the task that is demanded of them.  Stewart Technology Associates are those experts.

The management, technology experts, and design team at Stewart Technology Associates pride themselves on their consistent delivery of excellence in the maritime oil recovery industry.  From innovative software packages to providing expert marine witnesses to ensuring the maximum efficiency of your offshore rig, Stewart Technology Associates are a trusted partner in the development of offshore platform solutions that firms are looking for today.

Contact them today to find out how they can streamline your process and safeguard your crew as they go about the extraction of oil from the sea floor.  Everything from steel catenary risers to the dynamic analysis and design of critical components is on the table when you contact the experts at Stewart Technology Associates.  Let them help you solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology.

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