How Seakeeping Analysis Is Critical In The World Of Offshore Drilling

[Posted on September 16th by Bill Stewart]

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Seakeeping analysis is of the utmost importance when you are involved in offshore drilling. Once you are out on the open waters, you cannot afford to have anything go wrong. You need to keep your vessel afloat and all of your employees safe. This means that you have to account for everything that could potentially affect your project – and analysis can be done before you leave dry land.

As you already know, ocean weather can be hard to predict. Part of seakeeping analysis is to look at the environment that the vessel has to operate in. This includes looking at wind speed, intensity of waves, and more.

When you know more about the environment, you can make better decisions in terms of what is needed. For example, you can decide on whether single point moorings are going to be effective based upon the size of your vessel, how it can respond to environmental conditions, and other details.

Your ship design needs to be taken into account. Some vessels are going to respond better to sea conditions than others. When there are functions of the ship that allow for you to deal with higher levels of salinity, colder temperatures, or even more intense waves, it can help you to achieve a higher level of performance.

The mission of your project may vary each time you go out onto the water. You may be drilling for oil or you may be surveying. Seakeeping analysis will need to be done each time you go out onto the water because the mission changes. The role of the ship is going to be considerably different if you are drilling because of all of the extra gear that will be in the water.

The analysis is going to tell you everything that you need to deal with vibrations, sea sickness, bow immersion, and everything else. There are limits that need to be established in terms of what your boat can handle.

You cannot take the chance of bringing a boat out onto the water without sufficient analysis. There are too many people in your crew and too many expensive pieces of equipment to go out onto the open waters without the analysis.

Ultimately, the success of your mission is dependent upon the analysis that is done beforehand. You can minimize risks and obtain more equipment prior to leaving land when you have the numbers in front of you. You are able to account for worst-case scenarios and prevent issues from occurring while you are out on the water. It can also help you to have a better return on investment in the end and get additional funding from investors when they see how well you prepare for any mission that you may be given. The analysis is important in any industry, though offshore drilling is a different beast entirely and therefore requires more sufficient data.

Why Riser Analysis Should Be Done By A Third Party

[Posted on September 9th by Bill Stewart]

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It is important to use riser analysis so you can ensure to build a durable rig, regardless of what the ocean conditions are. No project is the same as the last and if you want to avoid catastrophe, you need to look at the worst case scenarios. Analysis should be done by a third party for a variety of reasons.


You may be surprised by how affordable it is to receive riser analysis from a third party. You pay for the analysis you need, which means you may not need to employ a team of analysts that only provide you with the occasional seakeeping analysis as you request it.

When you combine more than one type of analysis in your order, it can also end up saving you more money, allowing you to get the quality results so that you can make more effective decisions within the products that you purchase as well as the overall layout of the risers and additional gear for the offshore oil drilling project.

Quality Analysis

It’s important to remember that the ocean in motion is going to have a dramatic effect on risers. When you are conducting riser analysis, you need the most detailed information available. If you lack any of the advanced technology, you may find that your analysts and engineers are guessing and that’s never a good thing.

When you can find a third party that uses state-of-the-art software to provide you with reports, you know that you can rely on the information that is being given to you. Finding someone who has experience with the offshore drilling industry can also make a big difference because the recommendations will be better geared to help you avoid marine accidents that may have been seen in the past.

You have a lot of expensive equipment going into the ocean and if you don’t have quality analysis, it could all be lost – and that could be the end of your project. Good analysis goes a long way to preventing this.

Accurate Details

There have been instances in the past where people have covered up information because they didn’t want to get a certain department in trouble. When you are out on an oil rig, you need to have the most accurate riser analysis in front of you. There should be no doubt as to whether the information is correct.

If you are getting the details from a third party, there is no reason to question motives – though you cannot say the same for your own team of engineers and analysts.

Whenever you are getting ready to set up a rig, it’s best to contact a professional analysis company. You can go over what you need and receive their recommendations to avoid any complications during planning or while you are out on the rig.

How Orcaflex Is Revolutionizing Data Analysis

[Posted on September 2nd 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Orcaflex is capable of providing a significant amount of data analysis. The software is used in an array of industries and makes it possible to look at data in more effective ways to compensate for various environmental factors as well as to establish a worst-case scenario so that you can always expect the unexpected.

Some of the industries that the software can be used in includes offshore drilling, riser analysis, hose systems, renewable energy, defense, buoy systems and more. It would allow you to create wind turbine models, riser installation methods, look at the stability of a seabed, and run various test situations to ensure you have the correct setup and have thought about all possibilities within a project.

The features of Orcaflex are highly advanced, providing documentation and validation that would otherwise take analysts weeks to create. For example, ocean waves can have a dramatic impact on a project. When the waves become too high or too forceful, it can effect moorings, riser installation, and overall stability of a vessel out at seal.

Many offshore drilling sites will use Orcaflex in preparation of going out into the ocean. This is to ensure they have the correct materials, have all of the most accurate measurements, and have a design that will work given the environmental factors that they will be up against.

As a result of the technological advancements that the program has to offer, more industries are able to save money. They can utilize the software as opposed to hiring analysts. This helps to get more accurate information and get it faster.

Recommendations can be created from the data as well. This allows engineers and others to see the data from a new angle to determine what needs to be procured prior to starting a project. Salinity, temperature and an array of other factors can be included within the data sets that the software analyzes. This helps to create a better list of products to acquire, saving a company a considerable amount of money.

If you want to focus on your budget for a project, you need to make sure that your analysis is as detailed as possible. You cannot risk the integrity of your project with trial and error. Too many of the materials that you are using come at a high expense and if they are lost due to not accounting for a particular scenario, it could cause your project to fall apart – or be significantly delayed.

Orcaflex has proven itself to be a vital tool in the analysis of data when it comes to aquatic projects throughout many industries. The applications are considerable and the documentation and validation that can be provided helps you to know that your project is going to be more successful because the guesswork has been taken out of the equation once and for all.

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