Hydrodynamic Analysis

Hydrodynamic Analysis Offered by Stewart Technology Associates

[Posted on December 8]

Stewart Technology Associates (STA) is a highly professional engineering consultancy firm specializing in marine and offshore structures. At STA, we offer a diverse selection of engineering services including; hydrodynamic analysis, structural design analysis, CE marking, expert witness marine, Jack-Up and mooring analysis and much more. Our firm has earned a reputation for solving some of the most difficult problems using our know-how, experience and cutting edge software.

Hydrodynamic Analysis from STA
One of the key areas of focus for STA is hydrodynamic analysis. STA has worked on a variety of projects and has helped many organizations utilizing hydrodynamic analysis. Our clients are located worldwide and no matter what the issue, we can usually overcome any obstacles to achieve solutions.

OrcaFlex Software for Hydrodynamic Analysis Issues
A main reason for Stewart Technology Associates many accomplishments on hydrodynamic analysis issues is our use of Orcina’s OrcaFlex engineering software. Our firm has worked closely with Orcina since inception in 1986. Today, STA along with more than 170 organizations rely on OrcaFlex for a wide variety of design and analysis work including hydrodynamic analysis. OrcaFlex is a proven comprehensive software solution that offers STA an enormous range of analyses.

STA is an Experienced and Knowledge Marine Engineering Firm
One of the reasons we are one of the most trusted marine consultancy firms when it comes to hydrodynamic analysis is our experience and dedication to knowledge and technology.

Stewart Technology Associates and specifically Mr. W.P. (Bill) Stewart, P.E. has written numerous articles and technical papers and is a member of many societies in this field including: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This experience is a valuable resource for conducting hydrodynamic analyses.

Stewart Technology Associates places a strong emphasis on technology. Technology is an important part of a comprehensive hydrodynamic analysis and we always arrive on location equipped and prepared with various technologies and software so that we can conduct a thorough hydrodynamic analysis on the spot, update prior analyses and have technology available to view images or print data on-site. For more information regarding hydrodynamic analysis, please contact us directly.