STA Engineering

STA specializes in providing high-tech engineering services related to offshore structures, marine structures, oil and gas production facilities (offshore and onshore) and coastal/harbor projects. Zeta-pdm USA provides high technology process engineering in the main area of separators.

Our clients include:

  • Most Major (and some smaller independent) Oil and Gas Companies
  • Ship Classification Societies
  • Large Engineering Companies
  • US Navy
  • US Coast Guard
  • Underwriters
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Governmental Institutions
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Shipyards
  • Ship Owners and Operators
  • Offshore Contractors of many kinds
  • Private Clients

We do not generally compete with large engineering companies. We are deliberately small and specialized in several areas requiring extensive experience and expertise. We have a wide range of Associates worldwide and we have projects worldwide. Each STA Associate is specialized in his/her own area and most have one or more postgraduate degrees and at least 20 years of experience in their own particular fields.

We provide a wide range of software, Software some of which we have developed, some of which we market and support for others in the Americas, and some of which we license for our internal use.

We have a small laboratory, Laboratory/Instrumentation and a separate workshop where we undertake research primarily in the area of slosh reduction in separators, Separators Zeta-pdm. However we also undertake other projects involving instrumentation and requiring test equipment, analog/digital converters, data acquisition, etc.

STA has an extensive library and keeps current with API, Class Society, and Governmental publications related to our business.

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