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At Stewart Technology Associates, we provide international engineering consulting in the areas of offshore and marine structures. We offer high-tech engineering services related to offshore structures, marine structures, offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities and coastal/harbor projects.

We are a specialized firm with extensive experience and expertise. We are proficient in a variety of areas and a multitude of engineering disciplines with online technology and computer models to aid in complex analysis. This experience and our immense arsenal of state-of-the-art software allows our engineer consultants to offer clients leading edge services. We provide dynamic analysis and design of responsive systems in the marine environment in both the real world and online.

Our 2,000-volume technical library consists of current API, class society, and governmental publications. We have a small laboratory and a separate workshop where we engage in research. Additionally, we work on other projects that involve data acquisition, instrumentation, analog/digital converters, and more.

Some of the professional disciplines within our firm include but are not limited to Structural Engineering, Naval Architecture, Offshore Engineering, Process Engineering with Cost Estimation, and Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics. Our online presence is dynamic and we have a variety of tools available for use. We have a demonstrable track record of initiating and maintaining successful relationships with our clientele.

What do quality engineer consultant services cost?

We have been providing high-quality marine and offshore engineering consulting services to a range of companies and public organizations for more than 20 years. Through cutting-edge technology such as cable dynamics, innovative software, and exemplary workmanship, consulting firms like ours can offer excellent prices. These are some of the factors you can count on when working with our marine and offshore specialists.

Our company is equipped to help you with any number of projects from shipping yards to residential docks. We ensure that every aspect is completed correctly within your project parameters and budget. You will find that we offer better end results for most businesses and individuals. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we will provide levels of service and reliability beyond the scope of other companies.

At STA, we implement leading edge tech, new tools, and proven techniques that allow us to perform in a better, cost efficient way. Our clients expect more from us, as they should, and we are happy to comply. This is the model that drives our company to excellence in customer satisfaction. For over two decades, we have been providing top shelf value-added maritime and offshore consulting to a broad range of organizations. We will do what it takes to ensure that we are doing everything we can to achieve operational preeminence and fully serve your interests and needs. We will save you money by delivering the correct analysis the first time. Ultimately, this will lead to reduced costs overall.

Do engineer consultants also conduct practical workshops?

Practical workshops and courses are available in a wide assortment of disciplines. They are designed to help you to be productive in your work. These workshops and courses are taught by managers and engineers who have hands-on experience in the development of relevant offshore standards and practices. They are created, adhered to, and delivered by the latest training procedures. Workshops can range from introductory to expert levels. Client-specific onsite training is available as well. All are designed to maximize productivity while teaching the highest standards of safety.

At STA, we offer state-of-the-art simulator software that can be used alone or in conjunction with full simulators. You decide where to apply it, and we ensure that it does what you ask, safely and accurately. This robust software is intuitive and easy for everyone to use and comprehend. Full systems include control rooms mounted on tilting platforms, realistic consoles, and control panels. We have an experienced staff that can help organizations receive training and certifications for, as an example, a CE marking. We are happy to collaborate with you and analyze your requirements and challenges and discover the correct solutions. We will demonstrate our software and get you up to speed, so you can benefit from a superior analysis as quickly as possible.

  • Top considerations for choosing qualified engineer consultants

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    No matter how great your team is, there’ll come a time when you’ll need an outsider’s perspective.; when you’ll need to seek outside engineer consultants to help your firm. When that day comes, you’ll want to know what to look out for to ensure you get the best engineer consultants for the job.

    Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

    • Begin with research : There are several ways to find a fitting engineering consultant. You might speak with colleagues or advertise in known trade journals. Once you’ve received their resumes, be sure to review client testimonials, licensing information, and the type of services they offer to ensure they’re right for your company.
    • Proficiency with new technology and software :Engineering is a field that has increasingly become refined by technological upgrades. Be sure the engineer consultant you’re considering is well-versed in the unique technology and software relevant to your operation.
    • Knowledge of a specific discipline : You don’t want yours to be the first job an engineer has done in your discipline. Be sure to pick an engineer consultant who has a demonstrative knowledge of the field in question as well as presenting an ongoing education of related matters. The best consultants should be able to prove their expertise within the confines of a discipline relating most to your situation.

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